Storing Your Vehicle in Courtenay, BC

A vehicle is a major investment that you should always take the best possible care of, even when you’re not using it.

If you are heading out on a little vacation, you’re a snowbird that is out of the country for a few months, or you just won’t be using your vehicle for a while, you may want to consider storing it with a professional storage facility, such as Pacific Rim Storage in Courtenay, BC.

Our location in Courtenay, BC on Vancouver Island, offers a number of great options vehicle storage, and there are a few things that you should prepare for before storing your vehicle.

How To Store Your Vehicle in Courtenay with Pacific Rim Storage
  • Complete A Fluids Top Up

    You may not realize that you need to keep fluids topped up in your vehicle when you’re not using it, but this is actually very important to maintaining the condition of your vehicle. Before storing, make sure to top up fuel or a fuel stabilizer, oil, and other essential fluids.

  • Hit Up The Car Wash

    On your way to the storage facility, stop in at the car wash and give your vehicle a good wash, detailing, and coat it with a layer of wax for long-term protection from dirt and grime, which can cause damage to your vehicle’s finish.

  • Prep Tires and Wiper Blades

    If you want to be able to eventually drive your car out of storage, a flat tire or wipers stuck to the windshield are not ideal. Before you store your vehicle in Courtenay, make sure to slightly over-inflate the tires, as cold air will bring down the tire pressure. You should also wrap your wiper blades in plastic wrap to prevent them from freezing or sticking to the windshield.

  • Cover Up

    A car cover is another great investment when storing your vehicle in Courtenay. Even with covered storage, it’s a good idea to cover your vehicle to prevent heat or sunlight damage and to shield it from the elements.

Storing Your Vehicle at a Secure Storage Facility

The most important step in storing your vehicle is to choose a storage facility that you can trust to care for your vehicle. Pacific Rim Storage in Courtenay, BC offers safe, secure, and reliable storage with gated perimeter fencing, security lighting, surveillance cameras, and a resident manager. These are features that you should certainly consider when looking for a storage facility to store your vehicle.

If you’re looking for short or long-term vehicle storage in Courtenay, Pacific Rim Storage has
options for any size vehicle.  Contact us today.