How to Properly Store Your Things in a Storage Unit

Once you’ve decided to store your things in a unit at Pacific Rim Storage, there is one thing left to do: pack up and load your unit properly.
Of course, it helps to have some great Tetris skills when packing your storage unit, but before that, you need to make sure that your items are packed well and prepared for storage.

You can’t (or shouldn’t) just carelessly toss everything into your unit and expect it to be in mint condition when you come to retrieve it. If you’re moving when its raining outside all items should be dried off as they’re put in the unit – to prevent mold growth. It’s important to prepare your items for storage by following our packing and prep tips, so that they maintain their condition.

How to store your things in a storage unit with Pacific Rim Storage

Home Decor, Photos, Files & Small Appliances

For smaller items like home decor, photos, files, small appliances, and toys, it’s best to use boxes and pack strategically. Not only can you usually fit more into a unit by stacking boxes, but they also add an extra layer of protection from dust and temperature changes. We recommend using strong boxes or containers, labelling them to avoid confusion, and packing no more than 50 lbs into one box.


If you’re storing clothes, you likely plan to wear them again, so it’s important to keep them in great condition. To avoid damage from moisture or pests while in storage, it’s best to pack clean clothes in either plastic containers or a wardrobe box. Plastic containers offer the most protection for both moisture and pests and wardrobe boxes covered with a sheet are great for delicate clothing.

You might consider vacuum-packing your clean clothes, but this is not recommend for a long period of time. Many fabrics require room to breathe and vacuum-packing can also cause permanent creasing and wrinkles.

How to store your things in a storage unit with Pacific Rim Storage


Moisture and dust can cause irreparable damage to furniture, so you will want to do your best to keep your items protected. We recommend a pallet on the floor of your storage unit and keep airspace against concrete surfuces to prevent moisture and mold growth. Next, be sure to loosely cover your sofas, beds, dining sets, and other pieces with a sheet, blanket, or drop cloth. Don’t wrap your furniture too tightly, as it needs room to breathe.

How to store your things in a storage unit with Pacific Rim Storage


Unlike other items that you would store, electronics require a little bit of extra care because you want them to turn on when you take them out of storage. Whenever possible, pack your electronics and cords in the boxes that they originally came in. If you can’t use the original box, add a layer of bubble wrap around electronics like computers, mobile phones, and audio systems. It is also a good idea to label the corresponding cords and tape any loose screws to the item to ensure that everything stays together and organized.

How to store your things in a storage unit with Pacific Rim Storage


If you won’t be needing your car for a few months, several of our Pacific Rim Storage locations have just the spot for your prized possession. Before you leave your vehicle in our care, there are some key steps to take to ensure that it’s in working order when you come to retrieve it.

  • Top up fluids

  • Wash your car or truck

  • Clean out inside of your vehicle so rodents to find their way in

  • Prep tires & wiper blades

  • Cover your vehicle

You can learn more about our tips for storing a vehicle here.

RVs & Campers

When the camping season comes to a close, you can park your RV or camper at several of our Pacific Rim Storage facility locations to keep it out of your way, but make sure to follow these steps beforehand.

  • Winterize your RV

  • Allow airflow

  • Protect your RV from pests

  • Retract slide-outs

  • Clean your RV or camper inside and out

You can learn more about our tips for storing an RV or camper here.


There are a number of things to keep in mind when storing a boat for the season.

  • Secure ropes, sails, and tarps

  • Drain internal liquids

  • Remove & charge the battery

  • Keep exhaust ports sealed

  • Cover with boat wrap

You can dive deeper into all of our tips for storing a boat here.


There is a strategy to how you should store your things in a storage unit that should be followed to ensure your items stay in great condition. Pacific Rim Storage has many measures in place to keep your items safe and secure, but how you pack and store your items does make a difference.

You can count on us for tips and tricks on how to your things so that they are good as new when you retrieve them.