Tips For Storing Your RV in Courtenay

There are so many beautiful spots to camp in and around Courtenay, B.C., but what do you do with your RV when the camping season comes to a close?

If you don’t have a dedicated space in your driveway for your camper, you’ll likely need to find a reputable storage facility to store your RV for the off-season.

Storing your RV or Trailer in Mill Bay with Pacific Rim Storage
A great storage facility is key to safely storing your RV, but that’s not all that you need. We have a few tips for properly storing your RV in Courtenay.
  • Winterize Your RV

    You certainly don’t want the surprise of burst pipes when you pick up your RV next season. To avoid this risk, make sure to winterize your RV before storing it. Winterizing includes draining the system (black water, grey water, hot water heater, cold and hot water lines), bypassing your hot water heater, connecting antifreeze to the water pump, running all water outlets until you see antifreeze, and filling the check-valve line.

  • Allow For Airflow

    Good ventilation is key to properly storing your RV for the off-season. Opening the vents will help you to avoid that moldy, musty smell when you open your RV next camping season. It’s also a good idea to leave the curtains open and let light in, as a dark and damp environment is a great place for mold and mildew to grow.

  • Take Measures Against Pests

    No one wants to open up their RV to find pests making themselves at home. You should remove all food, seal access points (like holes around tubes and hoses), and set out moth balls to deter rodents.

  • Retract Slide-Outs

    To avoid damage to your slide-outs, it’s best to retract them for the winter. This will keep them safe from the elements.

  • Give Your RV A Good Clean-Up

    A detailed clean of your RV will help it to enjoy a longer life and keep it in tip-top shape for your next camping trip. Wash and wax your RV before storing it to protect it from sun damage and keep dirt from building up on it. You should also repair any cracks before storing your RV to avoid leaks and access points for pests.

Storing Your RV in Courtenay

If you follow these tips for storing your RV in Courtenay and store it at a reputable storage facility like Pacific Rim Storage, you’re sure to have a pleasant experience when you get your RV ready for camping next season.

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