Personal Downsizing Storage in Nanaimo

There are many reasons why you may choose to downsize your Nanaimo home.

Maybe you plan on traveling more and simply don’t need a large home to visit when you aren’t jet-setting. Or perhaps you’re an empty-nester and no longer need all of those extra rooms. Whatever your reason for downsizing your space, you’ll surely have plenty of items that you’re not ready to part with, but don’t have space for.

When downsizing, you might not have space to store your seasonal items, like holiday decor or snow shovels. You may also be lacking storage space for keepsakes or furniture in your new home. Luckily, Pacific Rim Storage Nanaimo has some tips that will make personal downsizing a breeze.

Personal Downsizing Storage in Nanaimo with Pacific Rim Storage
  • Tip #1: Invest In A Self-Storage Unit

    If you need to store items long-term or you just need to store your belongings during the moving process, a self-storage unit at a secure storage facility in Nanaimo is a must. The peace of mind that you will have knowing that your personal items are safe from theft and the elements will be well worth the cost.

    At Pacific Rim Storage Nanaimo, you can choose from a 7’x10’, 10’ x 15’, or 10’ x 20’ storage unit to house anything from seasonal decor and equipment to large furniture and the contents of entire rooms from your previous home. Our facility also offers coded gate access, as well as insulated units with in-floor heating.

  • Tip #2: Pack Your Unit Strategically

    Once you have a self-storage unit, you’re going to want to pack it strategically. For example, if you are storing a variety of items that include seasonal decor, it would be smart to organize your storage unit so that the upcoming season’s decor is close to the door.

    Alternatively, if you’re storing most of your previous home’s furniture and items while you build a new home, it would be strategic of you to put the large furniture pieces that you will need to be moved in first, like beds, close to the door.

  • Tip #3: Take Photos Of Your Stored Items

    When you put items in storage, it is all too easy to forget over time what you have stored. We recommend taking photos of your stored items so that it’s easy to ‘take a peek inside’ your storage unit from your phone or computer. This may come in handy when touring a new home and imagining how your furniture may fit or if you simply need to remember where exactly you put that family heirloom.

Do you help making the transitions seamless?

Downsizing in Nanaimo certainly has its benefits, and our storage solutions specific for personal downsizing can help to make the transition seamless.

Pacific Rim Storage Nanaimo would be happy to help you find the perfect unit for your personal downsizing needs at our storage facility.  Contact us today.